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Re: Mono Chamber Raw Mill Ball Charge Design

This is the first time I'm calculting mono chamber mill with white cement clinker, it may  not be so accurate. I wil...

Re: High wear rate at mill inlet than the mill outlet shell liner plate in 1st chaber of cement mill explain????

Dear Pankaj, You will find your anwser in worksheet which I have mailed you, enter your present  grinding ball patt...

Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

Dear Mr. Pankaj, Thanks for finding my work on ‘’ Grinding ball pattern software” useful. I have developed few s...

Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

Mr. Pankaj, Check your mail and attached Excel sheet, call me if u face any problem. Vikpro

Re: calculation of kiln inlet gas composition

Dear Mr.Raj, I have doubt about your given coal carbon % against 7000Kcal CV. I have back calculated your CV and ca...

Re: Shute coating

Mr. Bhaskar this the best way to save clinker chute wear, in addition you can also fix your old crusher or mill line...

Re: Ring Formation

Dear Mr. Mohan, You have to redesign your raw material / flame shape as per new coal consignment' ash. Your second ...

Re: Mass Balance

Contact us for full mass balance, fuel balance, air balance, heat balance. Vikpro

Re: Percentage loss in raw materials,clinker,cement and Coal stocks inventory

Dear Sunlight, It is impossible, to produce 1000T clinker by losing 2000T raw meal loss on ignition.   contact me ...

Re: aux. furnace coal consumption

Dear Mr. Rajesh, sending you two excel sheet ( pasted ) . Please send me your mill's details as sho...