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Re: Material in Dome Calculation

Contact me by mail - Vikpro

Re: Snowman On the kiln burner

To install 'Air Canon " on top of the burner pipe ( inside the kiln) is not possible. Vikpro

Re: Finnes Of meal

Dear Azhar, There is no optimum fineness range for kiln feed. It varies from Kiln to Kiln. In general finer partic...

Re: Snowman On the kiln burner

Dear Mr. m. Azhar, I agreed with Michael comment, Rhino-horn is un avoidable. You can reduce this formation with fo...

Re: Cranking sound from kiln

Dear Tanveer, The creaking sound is due to thermal expansion of refractories & shell, as you stated in mail your la...

Re: coal firing vs LNG firing

Dear Mr. Rajesh, Your question - switch over effect of Coal firing to Gas firing. - You have to change raw meal de...

Re: Ring Formation

Dear All, I'm very happy to see that you are keen to know the technique but  you can't expect medicine from a doc...

Re: Un even load on cement mill twin drive

Dear BLM, Reason of high load on one side, as fresh clinker with moisture climb more with liner causes more load t...

Re: Highest Temp. Zone

Dear Gulam, The highest burning zone temp ( flame temp) is where fuel fully combusted, clinkerization starts. When ...

Re: Blockages in cyclone No.2

Dear........ As per your 4th cyclone temp  & calcination we did not find and reason for blockage. so please send us...