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TimePosted 21/10/2008 07:11:19
Saprina says



Wha is the difference between petroleum petcoke & coal petcoke? Why both have the same name? what i mean when i read pet coke what should it mean coal or oil? I don't have experience with coal or oil, here we are using only natural gas.



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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 21/10/2008 17:51:53

Re: Petcoke!

The "pet" in petcoke means petroleum. If is petcoke then its a biproduct of oil refining. Coke from coal is a totally different product and not used to fire cement kilns.

Dr Michael Clark 


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TimePosted 18/02/2009 13:21:05
Mr_Keef says

Re: Petcoke!

some confusion here - petcoke is used extensively for firing cement kilns. It is the residue left over when oil is refined and to a certain extent is a waste product, though it is still counted as a fossil fuel by the EU. It used to be a lot cheaper than coal, but when the oil price when up the petcoke price followed such that it ended up the same price as coal. Maybe now with the oil price lowering the petcoke price has followed ?

As for burning it - it is harder to grind and has lower volatiles but also more energy. Coal is typically 6500kcal/kg, petcoke is typically 8000kcal/kg