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TimePosted 16/12/2011 12:00:48
xxxx says

Alkali,Sulfur Balance

I have two Unax cooler 4 stage SP Kiln.

Fuel 80% Petcoke & 20 % Indian Coal.

Lowst Stage Cyclone Analysis

LOI =24.44%

SO3 =2.05%

But in the III kiln which is SLC 5 stage grate cooler kiln with same fuel

Lowst stage Cyclone feeding kiln inlet sample is

LOI = 2.48%

SO3 = 5.84%

Please suggest me to use these figures & why SO3 in III kiln is very high

Does the SO3 evaporation factor helps to analyse something about buildups?

In my view we can put more percoke in Kiln 1&2 as evaporation factor is around 0.6 but in III kiln factor is 0.82 which is the limit for the buildups

Please advise




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