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TimePosted 08/01/2015 06:43:39
Warren says

re Troubles in using 100% petcoke

Agree completely  with Ted's share.  

Just to share one action with one of the plants.  Focus was on flame stabilty under limiting conditions e.g. max out burner momentum w/mastery on coating profile from scanner (important!). The action had evolved to further reduced petcoke fineness level from usual VCM/2 for 90um to now at 0% retained.

Currently running ok, improving volatilization factor of SO3. The plant is not coal mill grinding limited (...w/c would be a bottleleck for the other plants to replicate) but main reason was to counter the low alkali content of the quarried raw materials (plant main issue for high S fuels).

Note: Potential problem - scanner coating profile mastery should always be a requisite as it should change and that CRO must have to animate what to expect for any variation of liquid levels in the rawmix (LP), and how long would it stabilize/ the coating stability. A good way to work before is to familiarize the scanner profile and compare at 0% residue at 90um.


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