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TimePosted 11/04/2018 18:08:44
gks says

Nox reduction

Dear expert,

               I want reduced nox formation at pyrotop type calciner  by provided loop duct with preheater fan out let duct to calciner inlet just below feed vs firing point about 10 %by volume of TA air against TA duct 10% v by from pyro top &again connected out let of pyro top.

As higher o2 in TA may less  active for nox reduction in place of less O2 with some co2 at low temp.pass with calcination process & burning  intensity for high temp peak width&height will reduced.

Give your suggestion it will work or not work for nox reduction. 

With regards









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Cu Chulainn
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TimePosted 26/04/2018 15:03:57

re Nox reduction

Dear gks,

It sounds like you wish to make a preheater exhaust return duct to the calciner.

If that is the case, you will bring fairly useless gas (low temp, low O2) to your calciner that will lower temperatures and reduce calcining efficiency. Then you will need more fuel.

NOx reduction is today done by multiple stage combustion, and your TA is enough O2 for this to happen. Just study the concept a little. There is too much literature about it on internet.