Argos begins production of green cement

Argos begins production of green cement
09 June 2011

Argos recently acquired 9.33% of Ceratech, a US company that has the latest technology to produce cement with zero CO2 emissions and as such, Argos builds a competitive advantage based on sustainability and innovation


"Argos is starting to build a portfolio of green cement, and, betting on this environmentally sustainable product, became a pioneer and leader in research and development in Colombia, to invest in disruptive technologies beyond its borders, " concluded Thomas Restrepo, vice president of business development at Argos.

Currently, the industry developed various methods of cement production using clean technology, Ceratech is produced from fly ash or fly ash [translation in original article from English term used] (residue resulting from combustion of coal used to generate electricity).

Worldwide, about half of the energy is produced in this way, in the United States about 70Mta year of fly ash is generated, of this volume, only 30% is used in beneficial uses such as addition to concrete, while the rest needs to go to landfills.

That is why this product is one of the sources of raw materials more promising in generating green cement, to replace non-renewable resources, reducing carbon footprint and avoid having this material in landfills.

In the development of new products achievements include Oil Cement [Cemento Petrolero], directed at the hydrocarbon industry; this comes at the Plant San Gil, Colombia, and was certified API Spec 10A, namely the international seal of quality cement Type HSR Class G Oil Cement(highly resistant to sulphate).
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