Zambia: no cement import ban - ZCC

Zambia: no cement import ban - ZCC
27 October 2009

The Zambia Competition Commission (ZCC) has said there is no ban on the importation of cement as long as the imports meet the minimum standards.

ZCC executive director, Thula Kaira said import competition of cement should be encouraged to stabilise the local price which was about US$12 per 50kg bag when the regional average price was US$8 per 50kg bag.

Mr Kaira was reacting to a public debate about a construction firm that had contemplated to import cement for its construction projects in Zambia.

He said the idea to import cement was a welcome development and ZCC did not consider it to be competitive.

The ZCC executive director said major construction works should be encouraged to open up the import alternative to reasonable levels to contribute to effective competition efforts in the industry.

"However, no construction firm should use the import alternative as a threat to solicit for lower prices from the local cement companies, which lower prices are not affordable to other cement users in Zambia.

"Such a conduct would be discriminatory and is actually prohibited under Section seven of the Competition and Fair Trading Act, ZAP 417 of the Laws of Zambia," he said.
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