Uganda cost of basic construction materials rise

Uganda cost of basic construction materials rise
23 August 2009

Ugandans undertaking construction projects are facing higher costs today following an increase in the price of basic construction materials compared to last year.

Consequently, most project owners are being forced to abandon them or prolong the completion schedule to cope with the costs.

The overall price index for the construction sector increased by two per cent in the second quarter of 2009 up from two per cent in the first three months of the year according to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics.

Cement, lime and concrete materials such as sand, course gravels, and steel bars all recorded the highest increases over the period.

The highest increase registered was in cement with 15 per cent, lime with 16 per cent, while concrete products rose by 11 per cent.

The price of cement now ranges between a minimum of Shs27,000 and Shs30,000 per 50 kilogrammes from Shs25,000 in the first quarter. Lime costs Shs15,000 for a 25kg bag and steel bars range between Shs18,000 and 55,000 depending on size.
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