Environmental award for Titan America

Environmental award for Titan America
15 May 2009

The Roanoke plant in Virginia, owned by Titan America, a Titan Group subsidiary, has won the Overall Environmental Excellence Award 2009, conferred by the Portland Cement Association and the magazine Cement Americas.

The award was bestowed on the criteria of performance in the areas of outreach, environmental performance, land stewardship, innovation and energy efficiency.

Saving energy and raw materials, recycling and re-use of waste – these are the main elements in TITAN’s environmental policy, and the Roanoke plant has taken significant steps in all these areas. For example: the conversion of the site of the old plant into an orchard of apple trees, for the enjoyment of the local community. The scheme involved the recycling of more than 3,320 tons of old machinery and the turning of the former industrial site into a field in which each worker planted an apple tree.
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