Preliminary hearing for cement plant tyre-burning plan, Canada

Preliminary hearing for cement plant tyre-burning plan, Canada
12 June 2007

According to an article in The Kingston Whig-Standard, a date has been set by the tribunal that will hold an independent hearing to challenge  Lafarge’s plan to burn tyres at its plant west of Kingston, Ontario.  
The Environmental Review Tribunal will hold its preliminary hearing on September 11 near the village of Bath. The purpose will be to help establish the duration of the actual hearing, which will be scheduled for sometime next fall. All proceedings will be open to the public.  
Opponents of the proposed plan including celebrities and local residents had asked the tribunal for a hearing because they feel the contaminants to be emitted from Lafarge’s 34-year- old kiln as a result of burning tyres and other waste-derived fuels are potentially hazardous to the environment and human health.  
In April, the Environmental Review Tribunal, an impartial agency, agreed there was a basis for their concerns and ordered a hearing to determine whether Lafarge’s plan to burn tires in its 34-year-old kiln should be stopped. At that time, the agency also released a critical report on the provincial government’s decision to allow the multi-national company to move ahead with its plan without a study.  
Lafarge says it remains committed to its project and has steadfastly maintained the technology poses no risk to human health or the environment.  
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