Independent panel for new cement plant

Independent panel for new cement plant
17 May 2007

Emotions are running high in North Otago, New Zealand as debate about a proposal to build a NZ$200 million cement plant near Oamaru gathers momentum.

Proponents and opponents have been arguing about whether Holcim NZ’s proposed new plant at Weston will meet legal environmental standards.

Holcim NZ insists it will, while opponents, led by the 150-member Waiareka Valley Preservation Society argue the plant will be a blot on the landscape, creating an “industrial corridor.”

The Otago Chamber of Commerce has weighed into the debate by suggesting an independent panel should hear the company’s resource consent application instead of a joint panel of Otago regional councillors and Waitaki district Councillors.

The society says the proposal incorporates four large projects wrapped into one: the one million tonne cement plant, a huge limestone quarry, an open-cast coal mine, and and a large sand pit.

However, Holcim says the plant, if it goes ahead, will create jobs and long-term economic opportunities for the local community.

Bolivian cement sales increase Sales of cement in Bolivia totaled 351,740t during the first quarter of the year, a slight increase of 0.09 per cent when compared to same period in 2006, of 351,411t, said the statistics institute INE.

From January to March this year, the departments of Chuquisaca produced 96,953t followed by La Paz (76,421t) and Cochabamba (69,771t). Largest buyers of cement during the period were Chuquisaca (27.56%), La Paz (21.73%), Cochabamba (19.84%) and Santa Cruz (16.22%).

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