Indian cement prices on the move?

Indian cement prices on the move?
29 August 2006

There has been a buzz that Indian cement  prices may start moving up again. This time apparently in the monsoons, prices did not soften up as much as they usually do in previous years. Sanjay Ladiwala of Cement Stockists & Dealers Association says that instead of softening the cement prices have in fact gone up in some areas.

The prices in the south are reigning at Rs 200 per bag. In the west, it is more than Rs 220 per bag, while in the north it is Rs 200-205 per bag. Ladiwala further states that demand has dipped, but dispatches have also decreased due to maintenance shut down.

“This monsoon very surprisingly, cement prices have gone slightly up in certain areas like the south except for those states, which are affected by floods like Gujarat and Rajasthan, where they haven’t gone up. They are holding firm and steady in the rest of the country, which is surprising at this time of the year.
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