MP impressed by cement plant, UK

MP impressed by cement plant, UK
16 December 2005

Rugby MP Jeremy Wright took a journey forward in time to find out what the future could hold for Rugby Cement and the controversial tyre-burning issue. 
After court hearings and much concern from local residents about the health implications, the Tory MP visited a cement plant in Staffordshire that has been burning tyres for 10 years as a substitute for coal, like Cemex is currently doing on a trial basis at Rugby’s plant in Lawford Road. 
And he said so far he has been impressed with the results he has found after an extensive tour, although he will continue to talk to local residents to see if there any concerns at the nearby town of Cauldon. 
"There were initial concerns but since then, people have had no problems with the tyres," said Mr. Wright, who was joined on the visit by MEP Philip Bushill-Matthews. 
Since burning tyres, the plant, run by Lafarge, has also been burning sewage pallets as another fuel substitute. "What they stated is that they have a balance of different types of fuels but tyres are a significant part of this," said Mr. Wright. 

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