CRH seeks dismissal of competition claims case

CRH seeks dismissal of competition claims case
15 February 2012

CRH and Readymix asked the High Court yesterday to dismiss a claim against them for damages for breaches of competition law on the grounds that the plaintiffs have delayed too long before bringing their case.

Three related companies, Framus, Amantiss and Wilbury, are taking a case against CRH and its subsidiaries, Readymix and Kilsaran, alleging that they broke a number of competition law provisions that forced the plaintiffs out of business.

The plaintiffs claim that CRH, Readymix and Kilsaran abused dominant positions in cement and concrete markets and conspired to fix prices.

They also maintain that CRH imposed a restrictive non-compete clause on Amantiss and Wilbury when it bought their assets and goodwill in the early 1990s.

The defendants deny the accusations and say that they intend to defend them vigorously.

However, yesterday they asked the High Court to dismiss the claims on the grounds of the plaintiffs’ “inordinate and inexcusable delay” in prosecuting the case.

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