Lafarge Ravena to comply with environmental standards, USA

Lafarge Ravena to comply with environmental standards, USA
18 May 2012

The Lafarge Ravena cement plant is prepared to keep up with national emission standards which may soon become more stringent, according to Ravena Environmental Manager John Reagan.

The EPA has a deadline of June 15 to initiate a proposal to amend the new rules with the US Court of Appeals. As a member of the Portland Cement Association, Lafarge plants may be required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to follow changes to the national emission standard for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) and a new source performance standard (NSPS).

According to Reagan, “However the rules change, we have to comply with those rules.” He added, “We have the controls in place. The kilns are equipped with electro static precipitators (ESP), a primary device for controlling particulate emissions which include bag houses for dust collection.”

Attorney Jim Pew with the non-profit public interest law firm, Earthjustice, said there could be a two year set back in compliance from the original 2013 to a new 2015 date. According to Pew: “Not having those (stricter) rules in place could cost lives every year.” (Source: The Ravena Herald)

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