Hima Cement to curb emissions, Uganda

Hima Cement to curb emissions, Uganda
04 February 2013

Hima Cement Factory is about to embark on an environmental upgrade to improve emissions at its plant in Kasese district, Uganda.

The cement producer is to begin a project in the next few months to curb emissions, according to reports in the Daily Monitor, following concerns by locals over the effect on the surrounding areas and nearby residents,
However, David Njoroge, general manager of the Kasese factory, said the plant is to install a bag filter that will significantly reduce the emissions at the plant.

“We have already acquired the funds and materials required for the installation of filtering chamber technology but we are only waiting for the contractor to start up the work,” Mr Njoroge said. He said they plan to shut down the old factory in April and works would only take one month.

“Our emissions are harmless but we are doing it to maintain our corporate social responsibility. People around the plant will lose out since limestone that is emitted helps in reduction of acidity in the soils,” Mr Njoroge said. The shutdown in April, however, will not affect production as they clinker stocks.

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