China to tighten NOx limits for cement industry

China to tighten NOx limits for cement industry
27 May 2013

China's Minister of Environmental Protection is expected to issue a new tougher national standard on NOx emissions following public calls to reduce both emissions and excess production capacity, the China Securities Journal has reported. 

 The drafted new standard is expected to be issued on 1 July 2013 an will sharply cut NOX limits to below 450mg/m3 of cement produced from an average of 880mg currently. For newly-built cement factories, the limit is expected to be capped at 320mg. 

The new standards are stricter than the 550mg that had widely been anticipated and will be more inline with international standards. However, analysts warn that the implementation of new equipment to lower NOx emissions will increase production costs and weigh on producer earnings.

Experts also anticipate that the higher industry standard will help reduce unsustainable capacity. 

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