Cemex Mexico launches mobile alternative fuels centre

Cemex Mexico launches mobile alternative fuels centre
10 July 2013

Cemex Mexico has introduced an innovative solid waste sorting system in the form of a mobile plant that will support its efforts to increase the use of alternative fuels. The system is expected to help avoid the emission of 130,000tpa of CO2, Cemex said in a statement.

The mobile plant receives crushes, separates, classifies, and compacts solid waste, producing bales that are used as an alternative fuel in cement plants. The system will be replicated throughout the country, beginning with central Mexico, in order to provide a new solution for landfills located near Cemex operations. The production goal for December 2013 is approximately 10,000t of alternative fuels.

"This system will help lengthen the usable life of landfills, increase the recovery rate of recyclables, improve the working conditions for landfill workers, and produce better alternative fuels," the statement added.

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