Siam Cement Group book celebrates centenary

Siam Cement Group book celebrates centenary
03 October 2013

Siam Cement Group is marking its first centennial this year and plans to celebrate the occasion by passing on its sustainable-business tips to others in a specially written book. The "SCG 100 Years of Innovations for Sustainability" book was launched last week, detailing the history of the group's operations and how it has responded to changes that have taken place in Thailand over the past century. The book brings together lessons learned by SCG in moving through various crises and reflects how the group has adjusted, while also demonstrating the company's continued readiness to develop product and service innovations.

These factors have combined to make SCG a model of good administration, management and sustainability, and have helped it grow into a true business leader in the Asean region. In addition to being a record of the company's experience and knowledge, the book outlines the best sustainable practices to which SCG staff have adhered in their operations.

"At the very heart of moving forward is the importance of building satisfaction among customers, communities and stakeholders. We are constantly developing our potential and are always ready to accept new challenges," said president and CEO Kan Trakulhoon. "Moreover, we are always open to learning and diversifying our work ethic. These are important factors in driving our company's growth.

"SCG is well aware of the part it plays in society and the need to grow sustainably side by side with the communities in which it operates.

"I hope that the stories in this book will serve as inspiration and a guide for other organisations. If companies work with the communities in which they operate, this will in turn drive the growth of the Asean region and increase Thailand's competitiveness," Kan added.

The book covers the period before SCG's founding, including factors that have contributed to its operational success, and its visions for sustainability.

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