Philippine producers call for level playing field

Philippine producers call for level playing field
07 October 2013

Philippine cement producers are calling on the country’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to create a level playing field to incentivise local expansion plans and higher tariffs on non-Asean imports.

In a recent roadmap for the industry, local cement companies have requested the DTI grant the same fiscal incentives enjoyed by new market entrants to those established companies that plan to expand their operations. The companies are urging the government to include all investments for integrated cement plants (especially US$250m and above) under the Investment Priorities Plan.

“The lack of support for an integrated industry and consequent investment strategies might cause the Philippines to lose its last major fully integrated manufacturing industry. This will lead to loss of employment and increased vulnerability in terms of supply and operating companies,” the sector’s proposed road map read.

Cement companies have also called for higher tariffs on non-Asean imports and requested that the government reduce power costs for to encourage domestic producers to increase capacity utilisation. The road map said “only with the imposition of cement import tariffs can the field be levelled against countries with heavily subsidised power costs.”

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