Cemex quarries win European biodiversity awards

Cemex quarries win European biodiversity awards
29 November 2013

Two Cemex quarries, Rugeley in the UK and Soto Pajares in Spain, have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to biodiversity at the European Aggregates Association (UEPG) awards in Brussels.

Rugeley Quarry in Cannock Chase, West Midlands received a Recognition of Achievement for its significant restoration work and excellent habitat management activities.

Soto Pajares Quarry in the Province of Madrid, Spain won the Special Award for Biodiversity for its outstanding actions related to the protection, enhancement and creation of key habitats for important species.

Both projects have been progressed and developed in close collaboration with SEO/Birdlife and the RSPB, the respective Birdlife partners in Spain and the UK.  

Rugeley Quarry was the first ever winner of the Natural England Biodiversity Award, awarded by the Mineral Products Association,  for its work in restoring 80 hectares of high quality wildlife habitat to lowland dry heathland complementing the adjoining Cannock Chase Special Area for Conservation. The restored area offers a home to heathland specialist wildlife such as nightjars, Dartford warblers and wood larks.

These UEPG Awards emphasise Cemex's commitment throughout its global operations to conservation and sustainable management of the land after mineral extraction. “A central part of Cemex’s business strategy is to integrate biodiversity throughout its operations, seeking to create environmental conditions similar to or better than those that were present at the beginning of the quarry’s life cycle.” Said Luis Farias  CEMEX’s Senior Vice President of Energy and Sustainability.

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