Holtec wins Palestine plant feasibility tender

Holtec wins Palestine plant feasibility tender
20 February 2014

Holtec Consulting has won a tender to prepare a feasibility study for the first cement plant to be established in Palestine, the Palestinian Commercial Services Company (PCSC) said.

According to a report by Palestine News Agency PCSC has announced plans to build a cement plant in the West Bank which is to be completed within four years. The company currently imports more than 80 per cent of the local market supply of cement from Nesher company based in Israel, while the rest is imported from Jordan or Egypt.

PCSC general manger Luai Qawwas said the US$300m factory is expected to produce 5000tpd in the first stage with plans to increase it to 10,000tpd after three years, which will be enough to cover the West Bank and Gaza Strip market needs.

“The goal behind this project is to turn the PCSC from an importer to producer of cement and other construction material,” he said.

 “It shows our determination to become totally self reliant and to build a strong economy.”

Qawwas said Holtec is expected to prepare a feasibility study within six months, which would specify the appropriate location, geologic tests and raw materials required for the plant as well as the technical and logistic details and suitable technology for the production.

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