Lafarge Iraq launches an improved version of Karasta multipurpose cement

Lafarge Iraq launches an improved version of Karasta multipurpose cement
26 June 2014

Lafarge Iraq has launched a new version of Karasta, its multipurpose cement which is tailor-made for the Iraqi climate and market needs. To meet customer expectations and requirements the formula of Karasta was revised to improve its workability, decrease cracking and improved setting time as well as better adhesion.

Karasta's new formula meets the Iraq specification 3868 and the international standards EN 197-1:2011 CEM II/A-L 42.5 R, which is similar to Lafarge products in other countries

 The product is manufactured at Lafarge's Bazian and Tasluja plants located near Slemani.

Speaking to masons at the Karasta launch event in Erbil, George Elias, marketing director of Lafarge Iraq, commented that without customer feedback and support, growth would not be possible. "Together we will build better cities," he said.

Elias added that with the improvements to Karasta's formula that Lafarge Iraq's market share will increase.

The new Karasta was blind tested by some of the masons that attended the launch and they commented that the improvements to Karasta's performance were very noticeable and that they would recommend the new formula to other masons.

The new Karasta went on sale in Erbil on 22 June 2014 and will be available across cities in Iraq in the near future. Many of the new large-scale projects in Iraq are being built using Karasta.

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