Solidia Technologies signs partnership agreement with Linde Group

Solidia Technologies signs partnership agreement with Linde Group
15 August 2014

The US start-up Solidia Technologies has signed a partnership agreement with the Linde Group, a gases and engineering company, that includes the development, demonstration and commercialisation of Solidia’s CO2-based concrete curing technology.

Germany-based Linde will collaborate with Solidia to demonstrate the feasibility of commercial-scale production. The two companies will also work together to promote the technology as a solution for the precast concrete sector.

“Linde will bring CO2 supply and delivery expertise including engineering of application-specific equipment to contribute to this joint development,” said Dr Andreas Opfermann, Head of Clean Energy and Innovation Management at Linde. “This project marks an important step in proving and enhancing our CO2 management capabilities.”

Tom Schuler, President and CEO at Solidia Technologies, adds: “As collaborators with a global reach and decades of technological and market knowledge, industry leaders such as Linde play a significant role driving innovation to market. Linde’s expertise in gas delivery and equipment engineering enables rapid commercialisation by freeing us to focus on the development of our core technology. Likewise, our technology gives Linde access to a large, new market that would not exist without Solidia.”

The Linde collaboration adds to the list of agreements and third-party research Solidia has already secured including Lafarge, the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, various universities and the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory.

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