Lafarge Zambia considers review of headcount

Lafarge Zambia considers review of headcount
20 August 2014

Lafarge Zambia is considering reducing its workforce of 670 employees by around 30 per cent, according to a memorandum circulated by a group of unionised workers.

A sales report from Lafarge dated 12 August 2014, Emmanuel Rigaux, CEO of Lafarge Zambia, stated: “The recent trend in our costs though is not favourable, partly as a result of negative currency impact. We must take action to contain our costs and ensure the sustainability of our business, including the review of our headcount.

"As we are entering the active phase of our capacity expansion projects both in Ndola and Chilanga and new competition is emerging, we must be fully mobilised to better serve our customers and maintain our undisputed leadership, including our cost leadership.”

Lafarge Zambia, which operates plants in Ndola and Lusaka, has also allegedly not paid unionised workers a promised salary increment, according to the union memo. Employees are now appealing to the government to intervene on their behalf to resolve the pay concerns and potential lay-off issues. (Source: Zambia Reports)

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