Leocem warns of Sierra Leon shortages

Leocem warns of Sierra Leon shortages
27 October 2014

Leocem Sierra Leone has warned on cement shortages in the west African country as the Ebola epidemic has led to a decline in the number of cargo ships coming to the capital, Freetown.

Citing concerns by shippers, the cement producer said in a statement that reduced deliveries could mean materials needed to manufacture and package cement will be in short supply.

Already, those in the construction industry have raised concerns about higher cement prices, currently at the official price of SLL42, 000 ($10). According to Leocem, shippers have also increased the cost of shipping fees.

The company said it will be making limited delivery of cement to its distributors between 21-31 October 2014. It promises resumption of normal distribution by the beginning of November. (Source: Star Africa)

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