Colombia's cement market expands 11% in September

Colombia's cement market expands 11% in September
28 October 2014

Cement dispatches in Colombia rose 10.6 per cent YoY in September to 1.086Mt, according to the country’s statistics office, Dane. Grey cement production reached 1.072Mt, registering an increase of 6.9 per cent YoY.

The largest increase occurred in Nariño (+104.8 per cent) but a sizeable rise in dispatches also took place in Magdalena (+37.1 per cent), Huila (+24 per cent), Cundinamarca (+13.9 per cent), Atlántico (+12.6 per cent), Bolivár (+12.5 per cent), Valle del Cauca (+10.8 per cent), Antioquia (+9.0 per cent).

In the first nine months of 2014, cement dispatches rose 11.4 per cent YoY to 8.856Mt. Cement output increased 11.6 per cent to 9.112Mt.

Sales in Norte de Santander and Magdalena advanced considerably, by 32.1 and 32.7 per cent respectively. Huila saw an additional 25.6 per cent dispatches when compared to the equivalent period the previous year while Cundinamarca’s market expanded by 19.7 per cent. Antioquia dispatches advances by 15.5 per cent while in Bogotá there was a 4.1 per cent increase.

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