Lawyer defends Semen Indonesia's Rembang plant, Indonesia

Lawyer defends Semen Indonesia's Rembang plant, Indonesia
21 November 2014

Noted lawyer Adnan Buyung Nasution, who is legally representing PT Semen Indonesia, is trying to bring together stakeholders to realise the construction of a cement plant in Rembang, Central Java.

"We hope that those who rejected the planned construction of the cement plant will not regard the project as detrimental to residents or as bringing negative impacts, but look at it as a joint interest," the Jakarta Post quoted Adnan as saying.

Adnan added that PT Semen Indonesia wanted to sit together with all related stakeholders and defended the company’s belief that the project was safe from all aspects.

Local residents from 14 subdistricts in Rembang, Central Java, have staged a series of rallies since last year, protesting the plan to build a cement factory on Mount Watu Putih. According to them, the plan would damage nearby water resources and directly affect their livelihoods.

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