N+P strikes major Portuguese SRF deal

N+P strikes major Portuguese SRF deal
28 November 2014

N+P has signed a five-year contract for the supply of solid recovered fuels (SRF) into a number of cement plants owned by the Portuguese cement companies Secil and Cimpor. The contract is signed with Gestão Ambiental e Valorização Energética, a subsidiary of Secil, Cimpor and SGVR, responsible for sourcing and supply of alternative fuels and raw materials into the Portuguese cement industry.
The majority of the 7000,000t SRF to be supplied is already sourced and contracted at well-established companies in the UK recycling market. A minor part of the volume will be sourced in Italy and France.

Karel Jennissen, chairman of N+P, added: “In the past years we invested millions in developing the UK market to provide end-users of our SRF sustainable supply concept. We put a lot of effort in optimising quality levels of SRF in the UK market, as well we invested in the development of sustainable logistic chains. Now N+P has several port sites at strategic locations and the possibility to use a large number of sea containers. These factors combined make us a very reliable partner for the supply of high quality alternative fuels.”

As an added service to the producers and end-users of SRF, N+P formed a fuel support team. Members of this team each have their own specialties, either in the production or usage of alternative fuels. By consulting the fuel support team, N+P customers are able to produce better-quality alternative fuels and end-users are able to achieve higher substitution rates, claims the company.

The next step in the relationship between the companies is supply of end of life tyres, Subcoal® pellets and car frack waste from the UK market into the Portuguese cement industry. The total demand of these materials together is close to 100,000tpa.

The recent order follows an earlier contract at the start of 2014 when N+P saw the first vessel loaded with SRF for the Portuguese cement industry sail from Grimsby (UK).

In recent years N+P has built a reliable logistic chain, using both containers and bulk vessels. In the past months several transfrontier shipment (TFS) notifications have been applied, and both the country of origin and destination have approved the notifications according to the European waste shipment legislation.

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