Hope Construction Materials introduces TomTom Telematic to fleet

Hope Construction Materials introduces TomTom Telematic to fleet
16 December 2014

Hope Construction Materials, the UK’s leading independent supplier of construction materials, is introducing TomTom Telematics technology to their 400-strong fleet to improve sustainability and customer service.
Installation of the integrated telematics system in cement tankers, tipper trucks and concrete mixers is well underway with the entire fleet set to be connected by the start of 2015.
The move will see more efficient route planning and provide a wealth of data on vehicle movements, to ensure maximum efficiency, minimal disruptions and improvements for both drivers and customers alike.

Hope’s enhancements come after the firm’s recent investment in 36 new Mercedes-Benz Euro-6 truck mixers.
The SaaS platform TomTom WEBFLEET will integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software SAP allowing Hope to analyse data such as time spent at its depots, time spent on its customers’ sites, vehicle location and expected journey durations.
The vehicles are being fitted with the TomTom LINK tracking unit, which monitors vehicle trips, driver behaviour and provides fuel data access. There is also a PRO navigation driver terminal in each vehicle with specific truck navigation algorithms to avoid road restrictions and help the driver use the most appropriate route.
WEBFLEET then provides the company with an insight into the performance of the fleet, creating the opportunity to address incidences of unnecessary fuel usage or inefficient practice - including routing, idling, revving and harsh steering or braking.
When a customer order is placed, the solution will allow Hope to send vehicles closest to the site to reduce waiting time for the customer. Efficient routing will also cut miles out of drivers’ journeys greatly reducing fuel consumption and consequently CO2 emissions. The accuracy of ETA will also mean Hope can warn customers if trucks are stuck in traffic and log the exact amount of time spent on site so customers can be billed accurately, according to the company.

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