SITA to start commissioning new SRF facility, UK

SITA to start commissioning new SRF facility, UK
13 February 2015

SITA UK is to start the commissioning process for its solid recovered (SRF) plant in Rugby to be used at Cemex UK's local cement works.

The processing plant will undergo a series of commissioning tests over the next few months before starting full-scale production of the trademarked Climafuel SRF in the summer.

The residual waste material arriving at the site will primarily be collected from commercial and industrial businesses across the region that would otherwise go to landfill. Once received on site any metals, plastics and paper will be extracted for recycling. Similarly, materials with a high chlorine content, which could damage the kiln, will also be extracted. Any residual waste material that is removed from the production process will be processed into refuse derived fuel (RDF) for use in waste-to-energy applications.

To produce the SRF, the remaining material is sifted, shredded and blended while being continuously analysed using infrared technology. This allows the plant operators to ensure that the fuel, which has a confetti-like consistency after processing, has the precise chemical composition and calorific value required by Cemex UK.

The supply agreement was signed between the two companies in April 2012.

SITA anticipates that the plant will produce around 186,000tpa of the ‘Climafuel’ SRF product, 72,000tpa of refuse derived fuel, and 42,000tpa of metals, plastics and paper which will be sent for recycling.

SITA UK head of alternative fuels, Andy Hill, said: “The residual waste that will be delivered to this facility would have gone to landfill but, instead, we are going to take out anything which can be recycled and then turn what’s left into a replacement fossil fuel – made to the exacting standards expected by our partners at Cemex.”

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