UK: One hundred days of helping from Hope

UK: One hundred days of helping from Hope
15 October 2015

This week, Hope Construction Materials’ employees completed 100 days of voluntary work, as part of the organisation’s “Hope for Others” initiative. 

Hope’s employees offering a helping hand

as part of the Hope for Others initiative

The scheme, launched by the firm in 2014, sees Hope employees choosing to partake in charity work close to their heart, with the organisation offering two fully paid days leave to each employee per year.

Hope staff are encouraged to choose the activities or causes that most resonate with them. The 100 days of voluntary activity carried out reflect the organisation’s diversity with projects ranging from DIY activities including painting, decorating and cleaning; gardening and collection of wildlife data; races and physical challenges, and foster care training.

Beneficiary organisations have varied depending on the team or employees’ connections and interests, and have included several local hospices, the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Derbyshire Local Authority and Rossington Riding for the Disabled.

Alongside hands-on physical activity, Hope has encouraged staff to use their core skills to contribute to their chosen projects. Hope employees have carried out skills based volunteering, providing interview skills training to a local college.

The company said in a statement that: "Hope for Others reflects the organisation’s core values of people, growth and sustainability, strengthening internal commitment and team unity, while also promoting meaningful community engagement."

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