Brazil: October sales down 14.6% YoY

Brazil: October sales down 14.6% YoY
Published: 25 November 2015

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Preliminary data and market estimates gathered by Sindicato Nacional da Indústria do Cimento (SNIC) indicate that cement sales in Brazil declined by 14.6 per cent YoY in October 2015 to 5.6Mt. Imports fell by 63 per cent YoY during the month, according to data gathered by by SECEX/MDIC.

Sales over the January-October 2015 period were 54.8Mt, down 8.4 per cent YoY.

In the rolling 12 months between November 2014-October 2015, sales fell by 7.1 per cent to 65.9Mt versus the comparative period of the previous year.