Estanda completes ball mill water injection system for Buzzi, Italy

Estanda completes ball mill water injection system for Buzzi, Italy
27 November 2015

At the end of October 2015, Estanda completed the installation of a water injection system for a 3.8m diameter ball cement mill for the Buzzi Unicem group (Italy).

This project enabled Estanda to achieve the target requested by the customer: ie, to obtain an outlet temperature in the cement of lower than 100˚C without compromising the quality of cement and maintaining the productivity of the process.

The water injection system installed includes the following features, as outlined by Estanda:
• Personalised programming of the PLC according to the customer’s requirements, permitting water injection into the two milling chambers either in sync, or independently in both of the chambers to increase flexibility of ball mill operations.
• The system enables the selection of the parameters to be controlled: cement temperature or the control of the total amount of water supplied, increasing the added value of the water injection system.
• Remote control and assistance for the entire water injection system: by means of an internet connection, modifications can be made to the configuration and to the performance of the system, avoiding the need for personal visits to the customer installations and reducing response time.

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