Afghanistan: Jabal Saraj reopens after 20 years

Afghanistan: Jabal Saraj reopens after 20 years
06 April 2016

The Jabal Saraj cement plant in Afghanistan's Parwan province has resumed production two decades after its operations were halted due to the devastating civil war, which damaged almost all key infrastructure in the country.

Wahid Sediqi, provincial governor’s spokesman, said the government has invested more than US$1m to help resume the operations of the factory, which was established in 1958 to produce 100tpd of cement to meet domestic demand. He said the works' capital is around US$2m and providing direct employment for around 150 people while indirectly providing jobs for around 5000.

According to the local officials, the Jabal Saraj cement factory can now operate on 24/7 basis and has a capacity to produce 100tpd of cement. To increase output further, new equipment investments will be required, said officials.

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