Costa Rica: Cemex supplying road link upgrade project

Costa Rica: Cemex supplying road link upgrade project
06 January 2017

Cemex Latam Holdings, subsidiary of Cemex, has supplied cement to a 50km road upgrade project of the Inter-American Highway in Costa Rica. The highway was widened to four lanes, with two in either direction. Some 200,000t of high-strength cement was supplied by Cemex to produce the concrete.

The road surface now features a 250mm-thick layer of concrete, which was considered more suitable for the conditions than asphalt. The new dual carriageway connects the towns of Canas and Liberia and cost US$204m to construct.

Costa Rica is now working on a project to upgrade a further 70km stretch of the Inter-Americana highway, due for completion by 2019. The project will cost US$280m and will be divided into three sections: Limonal to Canas, Sab Gerardo-Limonal and Barranca-Sab Gerardo. Work on the Limonal to Canas section is expected to begin in September 2017, whilst the Sab Gerardo to Limonal stretch and the Barranca Sab Gerardo section are not expected to start until October 2017 and January 2018, respectively.

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