Australia: Adelaide Brighton raises concerns over new homes

Australia: Adelaide Brighton raises concerns over new homes
01 February 2017

Adelaide Brighton Cement (AdBri) is opposing the state government’s plans to build homes and tourism accommodation at Cruickshank’s Corner and Port Approach, fearing it will encourage more complaints about the cement plant's activities.

The government has proposed the land near Cruickshank’s Beach as a tourism precinct with marine activities and accommodation, and plans to build new homes at Port Approach. Although the proposed homes are at least 800m away from the factory, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines, the area will still be impacted, Adelaide Brighton Cement said in its submission to the Development Assessment Commission (DAC), the state’s main planning authority.

At a public meeting last week held by the DAC, the Birkenhead plant raised concerns about plans announced in December.

The cement firm, which employs more than 400 people in South Australia, said accommodation and new homes should be prohibited on the sites. If not, it wants the plans to include an acknowledgment of its nearby industrial activities and said the government should consider constructing buffers to mitigate noise and dust from the plant.

Adelaide Brighton Cement is also concerned about the height of the proposed developments at Cruickshank’s Corner, saying occupants in buildings overlooking the plant may complain about the 'unsightly' view.

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