Zambia: three companies awarded Nyimba limestone mining rights

Zambia: three companies awarded Nyimba limestone mining rights
07 March 2017

Three companies have been awarded prospecting rights for limestone mining in Nyimba District, Eastern province, Zambia.

GTJ Ltd working with the Zambia Consolidated Mines Investment Holding (ZCCM-IH), Vikram Investment and Zawari Natural Resources Ltd are the entities that have been given the rights.

Ministry of Mines Permanent Secretary, Paul Chanda, said, "Government has given three companies prospecting rights for limestone in Nyimba District. Of the three companies, GJT Ltd has made progress.”

Mr Chanda said the objective of prospecting rights was to establish the quality of limestone and amount available in the area, and also determine how long it could be mined. The investor would then present an application and mining plan to the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development. Once all the necessary documents have been approved, the investor would then start producing lime for cement production and quick lime used in the agriculture sector.

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