Malawi: government comes under pressure on subsidised cement programme

Malawi: government comes under pressure on subsidised cement programme
13 March 2017

Malawi's government has been criticised for favouritism over the tax payer-funded cement and malata subsidy programme.

Firebrand opposition Peoples Party Vice President, Kamlepo Kalua, who is Rumphi East MP, said it was unfortunate that the DPP government is there to serve a few Malawians from the president's heartland. The programme is progressing smoothly in the south, especially in the Lhomwe belt, but it is facing problems in the north, he added.

"In other regions, especially in the north, things are not going on well, the government is not delivering the needed materials, they have just delivered a few iron sheets, few nails," he said.

However, Charles Vintulla, spokesperson for the Ministry of Lands and Housing, executors of the projects, dismissed Kamlepo's views.

"The selection criteria of beneficiaries is the same across the country. Village district committees select beneficiaries," he said.

He said beneficiaries get similar quantities of building materials. Vintula  said there are 80 beneficiaries in each constituency across the country with 75 of them eligible to pay 50 per cent of the cost and five per cent, the poorest will have the government bear the 100 per cent cost of the building of the houses. Vintulla said so far, 9000 houses have been constructed.

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