Philippines: DTI aproached about two new cement plants

Philippines: DTI aproached about two new cement plants
14 March 2017

Ramon Lopez, secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of the Philippines said two local groups have approached the agency on plans to add new cement capacity to the country's production base. One of the groups is itself engaged in cement importation and the two enterprises could spend up to US$1bn on greenfield cement plants.

Mr Lopez did not disclose details of these projects but said the two groups have started securing clearances for their proposed operations. He explained that the addition in the recently-approved Investment Priorities Plan of cement as an activity qualified for incentives under manufacturing serves to encourage more players in the cement industry.

Those introducing groundbreaking technology are entitled to pioneer status, he added. The entry of more players, according to Mr Lopez, would further reinforce competition in the market.

"All the existing players are planning to expand. Some of them are even importing. It does tell you there is a need to add capacity as demand grows especially with the infrastructure programme of government," he said.

He said the government is keeping the policy environment open to all cement players because this way, "you are assured of competition."

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