Iran: Bagheran cement plant opens new 1Mta line

Iran: Bagheran cement plant opens new 1Mta line
24 March 2017

Iran's President, Hassan Rouhani, has opened the 1Mta Bagheran Cement plant in Asadiyeh, Darmian County, South Khorasan province.

The new facility costs approximately US$130m, IRNA reported. Part of the output will be supplied to the domestic market and the rest will be exported to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The project will create direct jobs for almost 350 staff and indirect jobs for more than 2000 people in the region.

According to statistics, the country’s cement production capacity is around 80Mta and the capacity is projected to rise to 120Mta within the next 10 years. Iran exports cement mainly to Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Georgia, Oman, and India.

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