Cemex delivers concrete for Riga's Bulk Terminal

Cemex delivers concrete for Riga's Bulk Terminal
18 May 2017

Cemex has supplied more than 3500m3 of concrete to the Riga Bulk Terminal, a state-of-the-art marine terminal being built for the Freeport of Riga, Latvia’s port authority.

Located in Kundzinsala, in Riga’s northern district, the terminal is a key part of a global and regional cargo supply chain and passenger traffic network in the Baltic Sea region. Cemex in Latvia supplied the concrete for the construction of the base plate, walls, and coverings for the new loading point of the Riga Bulk Terminal.

This project presented both logistical and construction challenges to supply record seasonal volumes of concrete through uninterrupted castings. Additionally, the concrete for the base plate was designed to act as a floor for the loading point, which made it essential to ensure exact concreting at precise intervals to avoid joints between the multiple concrete layers.

For the construction of the 8m-high walls of the loading point, Cemex further ensured the concrete was delivered with no interruptions. “The walls were built in a single casting, with concreting work performed at the rate of 10 cubic meters per hour, enabling the completion of several comparatively small castings within a 10-hour period,” said Ojārs Lapsa, Ready-Mix Sales Representative for Cemex Latvia.

Cemex also participated in the second stage of this construction project, which involved the construction of automated storage facilities for bulk cargo with a total capacity of 60,000t.

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