Cemex UK installs Terex Fuchs SHL885

Cemex UK installs Terex Fuchs SHL885
08 June 2017

Cemex UK have recently taken delivery of the world’s first electrically-powered Terex Fuchs SHL885 material handler, supplied by UK distributors Blue Fuchs.

Representing a total investment of GBP1.5m, the new 95t material handler is mounted on rails on a jetty at Cemex’s Dagenham Wharf operation, on the river Thames, where it is used to unload ships delivering limestone from Raynes Quarry, in north Wales.

Capable of travelling along virtually the entire length of the jetty, the machine’s three cubic metre capacity Arden grab can access all areas of the ships to handle the projected 250,000tpa of material.

The limestone is deposited into a 50t capacity dump/feed hopper and transported, via three conveyors totalling 320m in length, to the site’s recently constructed ready-mixed concrete batching plant.

Featuring a cranked boom that offers 23.6m of reach, the Fuchs SHL885 material handler utilises Rexroth hydraulics powered by an electric motor – one of three installed in the machine – that generates 250kW at 1500rpm.

The second motor (22kW) supplies pilot pressure for machine operation while the third (7.5kW) powers the air-conditioning system. All electric current is delivered via a double cable roll, which is connected to a switchboard located on the machine’s undercarriage.

The SHL885 incorporates a hydraulically height-adjustable cab giving a maximum eye level of 8.8m from the quay. The cab is also horizontally adjustable by up to 2.2m and features panoramic windows for optimum all-round vision.

Cemex said it opted for electric rather than diesel for a number of reasons. First, the machine generates much less noise and delivers instant torque. And secondly, fixing an electric supply to the jetty was deemed to be much more feasible than constantly having to transport diesel fuel out to the machine.

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