Askari Cement opts for ETA cooler technology

Askari Cement opts for ETA cooler technology
19 September 2017

The Chinese design institute NCDRI has awarded a contract to Claudius Peters for the delivery of two clinker cooler conversions.

The customer, Askari Cement in Pakistan, wants to convert two grate coolers to modern ETA cooler technology from Claudius Peters. The cooler conversions will be carried out at the Nizampur cement plant which has two production lines in operation.

The 856 S ETA coolers will each be equipped with eight rows of HE-modules and a roller crusher RB 305-3 EM. In a first step, the 2700tpd capacity of will remain unchanged.

With two plants, in Nizampur and Wah, Askari Cement is one of the leading cement manufacturers in Pakistan. Both plants have a total capacity of 8925tpd producing high quality cement used for dams, bridges and highways.

Commissioning is planned for the 1Q18.

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