Cementos Bío Bío seeks improvement with innovation index

Cementos Bío Bío seeks improvement with innovation index
04 December 2017

Cementos Bio Bío (CBB) of  Chile has begin a collaborative project with Innspiral, the first accelerator of corporate innovation in Chile and Latin America. The aim is to engender innovation on a corporate level using an innovation intensity index.

The cement company will formalise the measurement of its innovation performance, using an Innovation Intensity Index (i3), created by Innspiral. As a result, CBB will become the first of its industry in Latin America to measure the contribution of innovation initiatives and results to the company's EBITDA. 

The work will consist of the implementation, capacity development and the structuring of the​​ innovation area of the company. 

The cement company is already carrying out a full analysis of solutions in terms of advanced materials, digitalisation, and the development of products for the treatment and reduction of waste. "This will allow us to offer our customers products with greater added value, which will allow us to continue to strengthen the company in the market," Iñaki Otegui, CEO of Cementos Bio Bío, explained.

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