Gambian cement shortage leads to vendor price hikes

Gambian cement shortage leads to vendor price hikes
23 March 2018

Gambian cement producers, have denied being responsible for the recent price hikes in cement prices. Both Gacem and Salam Cement expressed their surprise at the retail prices. Many vendors sell the commodity between GMD300 to GMD320/bag (US$6.3-6.7/bag).

The Human Resource Manager at Gacem Cement Betty Njie, reiterated that they are selling cement for D260 from their outlets and does not understand the reason why vendors have been selling cement at their own exorbitant price tag.

Ida Jaiteh, Sales Manager for Garcem said it imported more than 17t of cement in the past two weeks and the reason why the price is high is because one of the importer's consignment has still not arrived. Jah Oil Company is still awaiting its delivery.

Jaiteh added the other reason for the scarcity is that both companies, Gacem and Jah Oil Co (Tiger cement brand), have the same type of cement and customers have quickly bought out Gacem's supplies.

Ebrima Sinera the Supervisor at Gacem said its cement is sold for GMD250 and they have no hand in the higher price tag of cement in the market. Sinera added that there needs to be some form of control in the market.

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