McInnis Cement can transport more cement by rail

McInnis Cement can transport more cement by rail
25 April 2018

The number of rail wagons transported by McInnis Cement across the Cascapedia bridges in Richmond may be increased, according to Radio Gaspésie.

A recent review of the ultrasonic structure has shown that the bearing capacity of the bridges is higher than was estimated. The Canadian Department of Transport will allow McInnis Cement to increase the number of wagons that can cross from 10 to 25 per week.

Although CAD100m (US$78m) investment was announced to overhaul the railway system almost a year ago, little work has been carried out. Eric Dubé, the president of the Gaspésie Railway Co,  expects that once the bridged are replaced in 2-3 years, the network will be functional from Matapédia to Port-Daniel.

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