UltraTech moves closer to plant operation

UltraTech moves closer to plant operation
02 May 2018

India-based UltraTech Cement has moved closer to commencing operations at its plant in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh. The facility, initially owned by JP Associates (JPA), can only begin operations once certain environmental conditions are met.

In line with a state cabinet decision, UltraTech can start production once JPA pays a penalty for mining on forested land. JPA will need to purchase an equal quantity of land and maintain a plantation on it for 10 years, according to The Times of India.

"JP Associates will have to first purchase the land by paying four times the actual cost of land for its acquisition. It will also have to take care of all other expenditure like movement of goods and also for maintenance of the plantation for 10 years. It is necessary for JPA to fulfil these conditions for permission to be granted to UltraTech Cement, which subsequently bought the plant, to start operations," said a senior government official.

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