CNBM appoints new board members

CNBM appoints new board members
11 May 2018

Song Zhiping, chairman of the board of China National Building Material Co Ltd (CNBM), as well as Guo Chaomin and Xu Weibing, both directors of the board will step down from the board with effect from 13 June 2018, when the company’s annual general meeting takes place. The board of directors has thanked both directors for their service to the company.

Resolutions for approval at the AGM have been proposed to approve the electdion of Peng Jianxin as executive director. In addition, Xu Weibing, Shen Yungang and Fan Xiaoyan are proposed as non-executive directors while Li Xinhua and Guo Yanming are candidates for election as supervisors of the company.

As a result of the merger between CNBM and  China National Materials Co Ltd (Sinoma), eight members of the Sinoma senior management – Song Shoushun, Yu Mingqing, Sui Yumin, Su Kui, Yu Kaijun, Xue Zhongmin, Liu Yan and Liu Biao – have been appointed as vice presidents of CNBM with effect from 3 May 2018.

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